In 1989, Mattel took over the Cabbage Patch brand, including production.

The Mattel Cabbage Patch dolls are not limited to cloth bodies and included dolls made from vinyl, which produced a more durable play doll. The Mattel dolls are mostly sized 14" or smaller, and most variants were individualized with a gimmick to enhance their collectibility, e.g. some dolls played on water-toys, swam, ate food, or brushed their teeth.

Some memorable Mattel lines include the updated Kids line comprising basic cloth dolls that came with Birth Certificates ; the OlympiKids that were made to coincide with the 1996 Olympics and the Cabbage Patch Fairies . Additionally, to celebrate the dolls' 15th anniversary, Mattel created a line of exclusively female dolls, dressed in period outfits and packaged in collectable boxes. These were the first Mattel dolls to be 16 inches tall, the same measurement of the original Cabbage Patch Kids.